kw na pe ?na gado dengan aku ? haishh sala owg laa weyhh :D kw benci aku ? emang gue pikirin ? aku lime ratus kali lagi menyampah dengan kw.HAHA. kw baek dengan aku, aku tabek spring laa kat kw. kw respect aku, aku due juta kali respect kw laa ngek. law kw ta puas haty dengan aku call aku teros doe. nah no phone aku -017744 tekan tekan ta dapat.HAHA. ehh g mam laa dengan muke kw kan :D mekaceh -.-

Saturday, November 12, 2011


semue orang happy kan kalau ade happy family
aku pun pernah ade jugak
but now everything is gone :(
yeah my parents always having fight even it just because
of a small matter
aku nak spm esok but i have lost focus on it
maybe certain orang yang bace neh will say
" kesian nye dea "
no . im not begging for all of your symphaties
im writing this just for express my feeling
i want my old family where we all are happy and always smile :(
but now hmm ..
but when im start to feeling sick of this
amirul akmal is always be by my side
supporting me
but thats not good enough\
i also need a support from my family
i miss all of them
God please help me to through all of this . please ?